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How Your Plan is Built

No Cookie-Cutter Plans Here!

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First Things First

Your plan will be designed specifically around you.  For that to happen, I need to get to know you.  So the first step in our relationship is a customized intake form that you'll fill out that will let me tailor your plan to your needs.  I'm not out here selling cookie cutter plans or one-size-fits-all advice.  Your goals, your data, your plan.

When you sign up you'll get access to an online and mobile app that will help you keep track of your plan.  You can log your meals either in my app or in MyFitnessPal.  Have a FitBit or Withings scale? You can sync your data and use it for tracking.

Kettlebell Workout


Tailored Training Plans

I'm a real-life, professional personal trainer.  I don't sell DVD videos that are "for everybody" or Instagram fitness plans, and I don't sell manufactured advice that I hope helps you 80% of the time.  Once I have your intake forms, if you've chosen a fitness training package, I'll build a workout routine around YOUR goals, and YOUR life.  You'd be surprised how many people set out with well intentioned goals, and then find out that travel schedules or family responsibilities didn't factor into their weekly workout schedule.  We'll make sure you're planning for what you can really do.

Our data collection doesn't stop at the intake form.  You get access to your plan in an easy-to-use app that lets you view exercise demonstrations, record your work, and keep up with your progress as you get stronger.  Coupled with weekly check-ins of measurements and photos uploaded to the app, we will track your progress toward crushing your goals.



Customized Nutrition Plans

I have a Master's degree in Nutrition and have taught Sports Nutrition at the college level.  I love that I get the chance to apply that knowledge to practical and flavorful meal plans to help you meet your goals.  When you choose a nutrition plan and fill out your intake forms, I'll build a plan that suits your goals and takes into account food sensitivities, food preferences, and even things like travel schedule.  You'll get a 12 week plan for what to eat, plus recipes, nutrition facts, and a grocery list.  If you make the recipes I've recommended, you'll find it easy to log your meals on MyFitnessPal.

Need a tweak to the plan?  Something not working?  Let me know through the app and I'll make a change.

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