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All In One


All-in-One – Clear Path Whole-Person Coaching


You have 168 hours in a week.  Of those hours, you’ll likely only spend 4-6 hours on exercise.


Even if you have those 4-6 hours on lock — you are in the groove, and you have a well-established exercise habit — you could still easily (and likely have) undo all of that work with decisions made in the other 162 hours of your week.


This may be incredibly frustrating to you.  It is also  extremely frustrating and disheartening to fitness professionals, because we know that no matter how well you perform your exercise plan that we painstakingly created for you, you will not meet your goals (or will do so much slower and with much more work) if your lifestyle doesn’t support your efforts.


That means everything…


How and when you eat.


How and when you sleep.


How you handle stress.


How much water you drink, and how much you drink that is not water.


Clear Path Fitness provides Whole-Person Coaching that not only gives you concise and customized workouts and appealing and effective meal plans, but also provides coaching to help you shape your lifestyle in the areas above to fully bolster your fitness progress.


Why spend time and money on exercise — that 4-6 hours a week — only to waste it by not paying attention to what’s going on in the other 162 hours?  Ensure your results are not unwittingly sabotaged by other aspects of your busy life by investing in your Whole Person.


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