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Empowering Strength, Instilling Confidence

Corey Jackson, MS Human Nutrition, has been involved in fitness for 15+ years. Having grown up with a weight problem and distorted ideas around food and exercise, she dedicated herself to uncovering the mystery that surrounds weight loss and fitness for many.


Corey's methods approach health and fitness holistically -- providing support for your weight loss efforts through exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and success strategies. These methods finally provide a Clear Path to your ideal fitness and healthy lifestyle.

When I train a client, I train the whole, multidimensional person.  Your training doesn't exist in a vacuum, it becomes a part of your full vibrant life. 


If you come to me feeling weak and "less than," we don't just work on your perceived shortcomings (i.e., your physique). I know from experience that unless you train from a place of self love, you will not be happy once you meet your goal, no matter how much you tell yourself you will.  You are already worthy of a healthy, happy life!  And until you recognize that, your training and transformation process will come from a place of punishment - and will not last.

I have the privilege of helping you see your power, your strength, your worth.  I am honored to help you recognize that you deserve the effort you're going to put in. 


When you work with me, you gain physical strength, but you also gain unstoppable confidence.  Because you. Truly. Can. Do. Anything.

  • Certified Personal Trainer - ACE

  • Weight Management Specialist - ACE

  • TRX Certified

  • Group Coaching and Group Fitness

  • PiYo Live Certified Instructor

  • B.S., Biology/Biochemistry

  • M.S., Human Nutrition

  • Published Scientific Author

  • Experienced Natural Figure Competitor

  • 15+ Years Fitness Experience

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