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enhanced mobility training to end daily aches and pains

Is it harder to get up from your chair than it used to be?  Do you end your 9-5 day physically exhausted?  Do you wake up with neck pain?  

Have you noticed the nagging aches and pains you experience are different than those your grandfather complained about?

Your body -- sublime machinery that it is -- was not designed to slump in a chair for hours on end, bent over a keyboard or curved around a cell phone.  Yet that is most of our daily experience.  And thanks to that, our collective posture is deviating in such a way that chiropractors are finding elderly spines in children and teenagers.

How do we reverse this disturbing trend?  How do you end your daily aches and pains?

Move will take you through a series of gentle corrective exercises formulated to retrain your muscles - movers and supporters - to function according to their original design. 


You will learn

  • how the muscles of your back should function and how to regain optimal posture

  • how to correct muscular imbalances that pull joints into the wrong position causing the majority of your shoulder and hip pain

  • how to expand the range of motion of every joint

  • how to awaken your body prior to exercise to make sure you get everything you can out of your workouts.

If you have a body, you need this program.  If you don't, why are you still here?  We wish you well.


Coming in September!

Register now for 60% off.

($25 sale price!)

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