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You’ve probably heard fitness clichés like, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”  You’ve probably also been exposed to more fad diets than you can count on one hand.  And the number of people in your life that have had great results from fill-in-the-blank protocol is likely on up there.


How can something as basic and necessary to your health as EATING be so confusing?


If we were able to trust our gut, literally and figuratively, we would be able to intuitively care for our bodies with proper nutrition in appropriate portions.  But in modernity, we sit more than we move yet we leave the office exhausted, only to be swept into more frenetic activity with family and friends.  Food is abundant, easily available, and artificially hyper-palatable.


While you have probably thought you could call on will power to resist the urge to eat the “wrong things” or to not eat more than you need to maintain your weight, you’ve probably also experienced the opposite on more than one occasion.  Because you’re human.  And will-power is not an inexhaustible resource.  The more decisions you have to make, the less will power you have by the end of the day.


So you can leave what to eat to meet your goals, up to me.  I create bespoke weekly menus built around your food preferences and sensitivities, and seasonal produce to keep your nutrition high and your grocery budget as low as possible.  I give you customized Clear Path recipes that please the palate and the whole family, while allowing you to meet your weight loss goals.


If you prefer to do the meal planning and to use your own recipes, I can help you by coaching you through a macro-driven approach that will aid you in portion control without counting calories or sacrificing your favorite meals on the altar of your fitness.


At the base of many nutrition cliches is this fact: approximately 80% of your fat loss results can be directly attributed to what and how much you consistently eat.  That’s a huge slice of the pie to leave up to chance.  You don’t have to go it alone.


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