8 Things to Do Today to Sleep Better Tonight

I don’t know if you’ve noticed (I’m kidding – I know you have), but disruptions in routine can lead to disruptions in sleep.

Now, in the midst of the covid-19 crisis, we’ve been in a disrupted state for 6+ weeks at the time of this writing. The natives are getting restless, and I don’t *just* mean stir-crazy.

Even if you haven’t fallen ill or know/love someone who has, you’ve been impacted in a deep and meaningful way by the measures taken to manage covid-19 and #flattenthecurve. You and countless others have likely experienced insomnia, vivid stress dreams, backward sleep schedule, or some other sleep disturbance. I know I have. Why?

Overnight, the US unemployment rate skyrocketed exponentially as non-essential businesses furloughed and laid off employees. If you’re among that group, I am deeply sorry for the upheaval, fear, and uncertainty you’ve been experiencing.

If you’re among the fortunate that have continued working, only from home, you have less to worry about. But no matter – here’s a large helping