How to Make Time for Good Habits

Here are a few quick tips that just might help you put the important things first in your life, and help you retake control of your energy and time.

Livable habits. Small Changes = Big Results through Consistency

You're Not Alone

Have you ever embarked on a new exercise plan, or new diet, trying to change everything at once, only to run out of steam within a week or two?

If so, you’re not alone. I’m raising my hand, too. 🙋🏻‍♀‍

What I’ve learned from my own transformation and that of many clients, is this equation:

small changes = big results

The thing we tend to negate when we’re excited and motivated to start a new workout/diet/regimen is – well, everything else in our lives. 🤷‍♀‍

• Our job/work schedule

• Our family commitments

• Feeding our kids (they don’t always like your diet foods!)

• Social commitments

I find that it’s super easy when I’ve had a few days off and I’m relaxed and full, to think, “I’ve got time to spend two hours in the gym every day – I should start doing that this week!”

I work with people to build healthy habits into their daily schedule, and create rituals to ensure that they do the work it takes to get fit. Here are a few tips gathered from years of experience:

Cook Big and Plan Ahead

Cook a double (or triple) portion of that healthy dinner, and freeze the rest for next week, or pack it up for lunch the next day

I got through grad school this way. What began as an effort to stay fit while feeding the family regular nutritious meals eventually became a well-tuned process. We had a weekly meal plan, which fed our weekly grocery list, and we had shopping and cooking days. We shopped the pantry before the grocery store to avoid overbuying anything.