Let me ask you a personal question: Did you set New Year’s resolutions for 2021? If so, how’s that going?

We’re three weeks into the new year. Many resolutioners have given up on their January 1st aspirations. In fact, motivation wanes for most resolutioners by January 12th, according to data collected by Strava, an online athletic tracking and social media app. Truthfully, less than 8% of all folks that set resolutions will see them through.

There’s been lots of thoughts as to why this is, and how to make resolutions that last and truly change us, from SMART goals to accountability partners, and everything in between. I’ve written and taught about these things many times. But this year is – well, different.

I know you know. I saw a sign today that said, “The first rule of 2021: Don’t talk about 2020.” Amiright??

I thought 2020 had me all jaded about the whole process of resolutions. I mean, if there was ever a year of unpredicted circumstances that could throw off our goal-getting groove – well honey, that was it.

But I’ve been feeling something deeper than that. What resonates with me for 2021 is more tenet than to-do list, more compass than check boxes, more intentions than end points.

And I think it’s in the ether because I listened to three different podcasts from completely different spaces that literally said this exact thing, and maybe you’re feeling it too: