Your Results are Our Business

The beginning of Clear Path Fitness in July 2019 represented a pivot in my personal training business, from working with clients exclusively at Gold's Gym to training independently, both in-person and online. The move helped me prioritize my clients' fitness needs rather than fitting their needs to the big-box gym business model.

It also presented a more accessible means for training clients to invest in their utmost priority: their health. Paying for training tends to be an intimidating prospect for many. But once they are given the big-picture perspective - invest in your health now, or in overcoming disease later - many see the value.

My goal has always been to give my clients clarity and empowerment in their fitness journey, and to bring extreme value to their lives.

I've really enjoyed working with clients in person, and I'm humbled that they have enjoyed working with me. It's been such a great opportunity to work with amazing people!


"Corey is a magnificent personal trainer, nutrition advisor, and overall fitness coach. I originally signed up to do just 12 weeks of training with her, as part of big-box gym’s fitness challenge. I was immediately impressed by her—and I ended coming in second place in the challenge! Though the challenge was over, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up training with Corey. Under her guidance and encouragement, I shed fat, built muscle, increased my strength and endurance, decreased my blood pressure, and gained a level of confidence I’d never had before. She improved not just my physical health and fitness, but my overall attitude and outlook. And I know the knowledge she equipped me with will carry me forward for years to come. I recommend her without hesitation!"