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Let’s face it: you are a busy person.  You are the expert at what you do. 


But you are not an expert at fitness and nutrition, which is why you are visiting.  Yet you’ve felt the need to go it alone until this point, wandering aimlessly in your fitness journey.  You know what you want your body to do, feel like, and look like.  Yet you show up to the gym without a real plan for success.


Results-driven in-gym or at-home workout plans programmed by a professional, tailored to your needs and goals, take the guesswork out of your fitness routine.


Two things are crucial to any fitness routine:  Progression and periodization. However, many fitness enthusiasts are unaware of how to truly grow their fitness and their results.  So one of two things generally happens.


  1. They do the same workouts, day in and out for years.  OR

  2. They switch up their routine too often and without direction. 


Both lead to poor results and frustration.


I expertly program your workouts around your needs and your life.  I will also collect data you give me — from your workout performance to your measurements — and track your progress, both in performance and aesthetics.  Even if I can’t be with you directing your form and movement at every workout, my system allows for bi-weekly form checks via (video chat platform here). I will be able to analyze your mobility patterns and address anything holding you back with auxiliary exercises.  Not only does this remove the guesswork for you, it safeguards you against injury and keeps you progressing, while liberating your brain space for the details that only you can impact.


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