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Intense Workouts

Intense Results

  • Eight weeks of intentional strength and cardio workouts. 

  • Two phases built to keep you progressing.

  • Scientifically formulated meal plans built to support the work and take you to your goals. 

  • No matter where you're starting now, if you're ready to transform, THIS is your plan!

Program Details

Three levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.  Complete the full 8 weeks of the program for maximum results.


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Regularly priced at $200 for an 8-week program

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For those that are new to training or have not trained in a while.  Progressively grows with you.  Full body strength, dynamic cardio, and core stability training.  Transform8 Beginner takes you from bodyweight-based exercises to resistance training, and sets you up to continue building a fit lifestyle.  Your body and life will be changed forever.



If you've been training at least 3 days/week for about 3 months, Transform8 Intermediate will take you to the next level like no other.  Train each muscle group twice a week for maximal growth and recovery in two phases.  You'll finish this program with gains on display and the skills to continue improving.



For the enthusiast that is ready to level up.  Train for muscle growth (hypertrophy), power, and strength, in phases designed to keep you growing and hungry for more.  Eat to support maximal gains with the Transform8 meal plan, designed by a sports nutrition specialist.

Mobile Training App

The Clear Path Fitness mobile training app for iOS and Android is your hub for your program activities.  The app includes a workout calendar pre-populated with your plan, diet tracking stats, trainer messaging, progress tracking, and detailed instructional videos for each exercise.


Tools to help You Succeed

Every plan at Clear Path Fitness includes the tools you need to make your path clear and your journey a success:

  • Mobile Training App

  • Delicious Meal Plans

  • Real Personal Trainer

  • Online Support


Meal Plans

Your program will include a meal plan designed with nutritious options that work along with your workout plan to maximize your results. Track your intake with MyFitnessPal and see your stats right in the Clear Path Fitness app.

Get a Meal Plan

Real Professional Trainer

Your program is created by a real fitness and nutrition pro.  Whether you choose on of our standard plans, or if you choose to go the completely custom route, rest assured that every part of your program has been carefully crafted by someone who knows what it takes to achieve real fitness goals.

Get Trained by a Pro

Personal Trainer

Corey Jackson, M.S. Nutrition

Corey has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years, and has extensive experience helping others achieve their fitness goals.


Bachelor's Degree in Biology/Biochemistry


American Council on Exercise

Certified Personal Trainer


TRX Certified


Bootcamp Coach


Master's Degree in Human Nutrition



Weight Management Specialist


PiYo Live Instructor


Indoor Cycle Coach

Success Stories


Denise V

Denise lost 12 pounds and 16 inches overall, following a 12 week program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What day of the week will my plan start on?

A: All plans start on a Monday.  You'll receive information that will help you prepare in the days prior to your plan start date.

Q: What if I don't like some of the items on my meal plan? Is there a way to substitute things?

A: For only a $10 fee, you can switch to a substitutable meal plan and make substitutions that suit your palate but still meet your nutrition goals. Ask your trainer for details.

Q: Are there any required forms to sign before I start?

A: Prior to beginning your program, there are standard required forms that all trainers need to get.  This includes the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which helps us know if you are ready to begin exercise.  This is not a substitute for medical advice, so if you are uncertain of your readiness to begin, consult your physician.

Q: What if I get started and decide I don't like the plan or can't continue?

A: If during the first week of the program you decide you can't continue, you can elect to put your program on hold or request a refund.

Q: Will I be able to see the entire program on Day 1?

A: The program works in phases.  As each phase begins, the workouts will automatically appear in your calendar in the Clear Path Fitness app.

Not Sure if You're REady To bEgin?

Schedule a consultation with a trainer to discuss your fitness goals.  The $25 fee will be applied to your training plan if you choose to proceed.  There's no time like the present to begin exploring your own journey.  Let us help make the path clear.

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